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Intensive Reading help needed!

“More than 1 in 3 children in kindergarten through grade 3 have little chance of reading on grade level by the end of the school year without major and systemic interventions.”

Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS), which Amplify administers, is one of the most commonly used diagnostic assessments for reading. I have used this assessment data for decades and other means of assessing students’ needs. We know the interruptions and disruptions of education will impact student learning, and measuring the level is only essential in providing an intervention plan to address needs.

Knowing we have gaps in student learning and developing an action plan to address the gap is the solution to providing students with the foundational skills they need. Literacy gap means a significant difference between what students are expected to learn in literacy-related tasks and what they have learned by a specific age or grade level (Scherer & Nilsen, 2019)

Phonics, fluency, and comprehension are the areas of focus to support students with gaps in reading. One of the most important things we can do is increase time reading and talking about what they are reading. Points to consider when working together to close these gaps during these times are:

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