Dumbo is my favorite Elephant

I am sure all of us have seen, read, or heard of Dumbo. His famous big ears gave us all the thought that elephants could surely hear with them and not use them to fly!

Stanford University research associate Caitlyn O’Connell did not discover flying elephants but how they hear. While observing elephants, she found how they would detect distant noise and vocalizations; they’d freeze and lean forward and put weight on their front legs. Sometimes they would all raise their front foot. Do elephants hear with their feet? What?

Winter Olympics coming soon

The Olympics are so exciting for not just the country athletes but for all of us who are cheering for them. Our niece qualified to run in the Olympic trials, and it was so exciting to make it that far! Did you know you have a 1 in 662,000 chance of winning an Olympic medal than picking the correct numbers in the Mega Millions lottery? Your odds of winning the lottery are one in 302.6 million, according to Forbes. I don’t know about you, but I have got to get to training!

Let’s be friends

Facebook is going through a rebranding. So I think they are “unfriending” themselves? The platform is known for its likes, follows, and all of that kind of stuff. However, did you know the verb “unfriend” is 350 years older than the platform where it is used.

The word unfriend was first used in the 1200s to describe someone who was no longer a friend. By the 17th century, “unfriend” had become a verb essentially the same thing it does today, minus the internet. To friend or unfriend is the question with a click of the button.

Who knew?

With a last name like Yoho, what is the first thing you think of? A pirate of course! My husband and his father were both in the United States Navy, but now I have a chance to test the waters myself if I want. Who knew this was even possible.

If you’re an undergraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you can become a pirate. Though the university doesn’t offer a full major in piracy, if you pass courses in sailing, fencing, pistols, and archery, you can receive a certificate asserting your status as a scourge of the high seas. While the status was unofficial for nearly as long as the school has offered all the classes, MIT made it official in 2012, providing documentation to aspiring Anne Bonnys and Edward Teaches. I guess it is Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum, a pirates life for me!

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