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Leadership Development Carnival

A dash separates life. It is the most meaningful part of who we are. Many are blessed with several years to define, explore, celebrate and learn during that time. Some face heartache, challenges, overcome obstacles or cut short time due to illness and hardships.

I have survived! Many trials, tribulations, devastating heartaches, but with the love of God and his will, I am here. My new path has provided me with opportunities to engage with, meet, and become friends with extraordinary individuals with so many gifts to share. You will find many of those inside this issue of Leadership Development Carnival.

You will find my post shared inside as well titled, Mirror, Mirror. One thought shared I will leave you with: “The mirror reflects what you want to see, but those who see you reflect on what they see.”-Brenda Yoho Perceptions are a big thing in our world right now!

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