Do we have the courage?

As we face our days ahead, do you think about protection? The protection for self, others, and organization. Do you think about risk? Are you willing to take risks, support risks, and encourage risk?

Leaders must be willing to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and share dissenting views, even at the risk of disrupting a collegial atmosphere or displaying their lack of knowledge on a complex topic. It is critical to creating a safe environment to avoid “groupthink” and give permission for disagreement and constructive dissent as part of a healthy risk culture.

Helping yourself, colleagues, and the organization grows, we need to ask questions, have honest discussions, and take risks. Do we have the courage to work this way?

The foundation of what we believe is who we are. Stand firmly on the foundation of your core values, beliefs, and standards. How will you help build courage in others and yourself?

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